92 Feature Car Literature Update

Ryan (Rare_92) scanned the Vitamin See article from the November 1992 issue of Mustang & Fords. I have updated my ’92 article page to include it. I previously just had a really bad picture of the article that I grabbed off of ebay. This is one issue I don’t own yet so I really appreciate Ryan’s effort to get this to me.

I also did some slight updates to the index of articles to include the magazine covers for the issues. Even though the covers don’t include feature cars, I thought they were valuable because if you are looking for these issues on ebay these might be helpful to you. I know they help me. Sellers don’t always include the issue contents that allow you to confirm you are looking at the right issue but they almost always include the cover.

5 thoughts on “92 Feature Car Literature Update

  1. Interesting timing. I was digging through some of my old Mustang mags tonight looking for 92 articles. I will email you some of my findings but I have a few MM&FF I set aside with 92 and 93’s but I can not find them right now.

    Also I have some great video from the 1993 Ford Motorsport Nationals in Maple Grove PA. I had a 89 GT vert at the time I took to show and race. They had approx. 50+ triple whites there. It is pretty amazing seeing a long line of them. At the end of the show they all drove down the drag strip. I remember they put a sticker over the 5.0 badges with the FMSN logo on all of the cars. There was a TWF in my neighborhood and the owner had one of those cars and the sticker was still present. Unfortunately I can not find any pictures but dont know how to best get some pics off a VHS. Any suggestions?

  2. I do the same searching that you describe. It takes a lot of patience! One thing that drives me crazy is that I remember seeing an ad in Mustang Monthly in the 93-94 time frame for feature car floor mats. Some place had a bunch of them. Not that having that ad is worth anything but just knowing that it’s out there and I can’t find it is what bugs me.

    That video sounds great. I suppose digitizing the whole video is the best approach. The obvious problem is connecting an old VCR to a computer. One way is with a video capture card. A few months ago I was fooling around with just that. I was experimenting with ZoneMinder for video camera surveillance. Or, looking at my Mustang from anywhere; yeah, it was a long winter ;). Instead of buying a new video capture card for my experimentation, I found that I could use an old ATI TV Wonder card that I already had. The one I have is a few years old and currently sells for around $5 on ebay. It has both coax and s-video inputs (not true s-video but an 8 DIN input that can be connected via an adapter to s-video or composite.) I don’t see any reason why a VCR couldn’t be connected to this setup.

  3. I’ll have to check that out. I was thinking a little more on the subject last night. I have a DVD recorder. I could burn a DVD and then load it up on my computer. Then I can pull a few frames. I was also thinking of a technique that could work, play the video on my Plasma, and snap a picture with my digital camera?? That could also work for a quick look. I’ll send them when I get the video up.

  4. Taking a picture of the Plasma would definitely do. I am not sure how to get the best results, though. I have seen some really good ones on avsforum.com when people were showing their setups. Although, a quick search there didn’t result in a ‘how to’. Might take some experimentation but I think the results could be pretty good under the right conditions.

  5. Well.. Thats really nice of you to say all of that.. 🙂 I am just tryin to help make this sight a little better… You have done all of the hard part and you have most of the stuff… I will always be looking for new ads or articles on all of the features!
    Thanks again John for all that you do to keep this website so great!


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