2010 Carlisle All-Ford Nationals Registration

Tom G. (noac) yesterday brought my attention to the fact that registration for Carlisle All-Ford Nationals for 2010 is open. I don’t know how long it has been open. I have tried to get to the registration form quite a few times yesterday and today and have experienced a lot of problems.

But, when I did get there I was surprised to see a list of clubs predefined which is different from past years where it was just free form type in. And, guess what? TripleWhiteFox.com is listed.

Carlisle 2010 All Ford Clubs

I haven’t been in communication with them since the last show so I guess they are assuming there will be a contingent from this site as there has been in past years. So, lets not let them down.

I just registered myself. I will have more details in the near future as I haven’t even started planning yet. But, you can assume it will be generally the same – we’ll get a tent and I will be sending out emails to rally the troops.


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