Running in the snow

The storm of last weekend didn’t have a large impact here but still left 5 or 6 inches behind. In early December, I came upon an article on a method to get better traction in the snow with running shoes. The article is called The Screw Shoe and is a cheap option for better traction. I tried it and put about 12 screws in each of an old pair of running shoes.

Studded Running Shoe

When I wore them for the first time I tested them on a patch of ice and they were very grippy. The trail I usually run on was only somewhat snow covered that day so I did a test run. In less than a half of a mile I discovered a problem – the screws were slightly too long in the front of the shoe where the sole is thinner and when I stepped on a rock or other uneven part of the path, I could feel the point of a couple screws pushing back.

There never was an actual puncture through the inner bottom of my shoe but it felt like a sharp little rock and I had to bail and go back to my non-modified shoes and run on a paved road. Darn.

Today, was trial run #2. Last night I replaced├é┬áthe screws in the front half of each shoe with a shorter variety. This time, no poke-throughs. I did 3.5 miles in the packed snow and the uneven footing was a great workout. I ran part of the same course yesterday with non-modified shows and, maybe it was just psychological, but today with the modified shoes I felt more surefooted. I’d love to hear any suggestions on running in the snow.

Snowy Running Trail

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