HP Laptop Woes

I generally don’t like to focus on the negative in my posts but this time I need to vent. My laptop is driving me nuts. It is an HP dv8000 purchased about 4 years ago. That’s probably a good life for a laptop but given that I take very good care of it and only travel with it infrequently my expectation was that it would provide trouble free service for longer.

It is still very usable but my primary gripe with it is a growing number of vertical lines. I am currently at 20 of varying colors up from 10 just two months ago.

HP dv8000 Vertical Lines

The thing that gets me about this is that it seems to be a common problem as I found out from visiting hpverticalline.com but HP has done nothing to address it. Sure, the extended warranty I never used expired in 2008, but I expected more on my support inquiry to them last year where they just told me to have it fixed locally. I’ve read that some people who pay to have it fixed just end up having it appear again in a short time. It might feel better if the display just totally died rather than seeing this ever worsening problem every day.


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