Cold weather is here: Mustang season might be over

We got some light snow today. Not much accumulation but enough to get the trucks out spreading salt. I usually use this as the sign that the old Mustang should go away for the winter. It seems like I just didn’t get to drive it enough this year so I’m sad to see it go away. The cold weather is here.

3 thoughts on “Cold weather is here: Mustang season might be over

  1. We also got some of the ole white stuff here and yes it is a bit depressing to see the cars covered in the garage for a few months. Take care.

  2. White stuff fell back in November here. Just a memory now. I get the Mustangs out when the roads are clean and dry, even in winter. Years back, I took my daughter for a cruise in the 7-Up in Christmas day. Top down and I had a Santa hat on. Got lots of thumb-ups form other motorists!

  3. @stangfan, thats a cool Christmas experience. So far not much snow here this season. Not that I’m complaining. Winter has just begun!

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