Carlisle 2011 Update

I received my gate pass a couple of days ago.

I haven’t heard from a lot of people about whether they are attending or not. If you are attending and I haven’t added you to the official list, please let me know that you are attending and which days. With our busy schedules and gas prices being what they are I can see why some may be unable to commit until the last minute.

This year I refrained from sending out any mass emails. I figured that the audience for this site knows we are doing this since this is year number 5. Maybe that was a bad assumption?

I was thinking about how to get the word out so, in order to find who was talking about Carlisle 2011 and Mustangs, I Googled “Mustang Carlisle 2011” and was surprised to find this site as the number two entry.

Searching for “Carlisle 2011 Mustangs” puts this site first. Interesting.

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