November 2011 5.0 Mustangs and Super Fords has Carlisle coverage

Mike P. gave me a heads up on the Carlisle coverage in the most recent issue of 5.0 Mustangs and Super Fords. I picked up an issue on my way home from a Mustang show today.

With  little digital zooming one can see our tent and a few of our cars. This picture is from the Friday of the show.

They also have a picture from Saturday but it is about a quarter of the size. Overall, it is good coverage in a 5 page article. If you don’t subscribe, you might want to go out and pick up a copy.

Clubs at 2011 Carlisle Ford Nationals

As part of the wrap-up of Carlisle, the thank you message I received from the person who does club coordination included the list of clubs and the number of attendees for each. It seems wrong to share it all, so here are some interesting facts about the clubs at the 2011 Carlisle Ford Nationals:

– There were 38 clubs
– We (Fox-Body Feature Mustang Club) had 6 registered members
– The top three clubs:

– Focus Rising (89 members)
– Merkur Club of America (70)
– Team Shelby (64)

– The team that won the “Coolest Club Hangout” award was the Yellow Mustang Registry. They had 32 members.

2011 Carlisle Ford Nationals Trip Report

Once again, the Ford Nationals went by too fast.

Like last year, I took to Twitter to share the experience of Carlisle as it happened. I added a few new followers during the three days of Carlisle. Since twitter is so time associated, my tweeted pics are in a set on Flickr for historical purposes. Of course, the set only covers the tweets that included pictures, but, I think that those are the best.

Attendance turned out to be about the same number as last year. This made me happy. Even down to the last minute, it seemed like this could have been a lightly attended year. I think the good weather encouraged people to get out. Luckily, there are a lot of Mustang owners in Pennsylvania!

In addition to me, the attendees were as follows:

Amy H. (from MD) – Fri, Sat – 1993 Canary Yellow
Bill F. (from PA) – Fri, Sat, Sun – 1993 Canary Yellow
Bob H. (from PA) – Sat, Sun – 1990 7up
Jim M. (from PA) – Fri, Sat – 1992 Vibrant Red
Luis (from MD) – Sat – 1992 Vibrant Red
Mike P. (from MA) – Fri, Sat, Sun – 1992 Vibrant Red
Neil K. (from PA) – Sat – 1992 Vibrant Red
Tim H. (from PA) – Fri, Sat, Sun – 1993 Vibrant White

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Follow Carlisle 2011 on twitter and facebook

On this eve of setting off for Carlisle, I wanted to point out that Carlisle has a decent social presence on twitter and facebook. You can find links to their stuff here.

As a bit of self-promotion, I will also be doing tweeting of my own and you can find that here. Please follow me on twitter. I did the same thing last year and posted when I saw something interesting. This year my posts will be going to flickr. Last year they went to twitpic where you can still view them.

Carlisle 2011 Club Tent Map

Yesterday I received the club tent map for Carlisle. Different from previous years where we have been listed as, this year we are listed as the “Fox-Body Feature Mustang Club”.

We are at location “J” of the red section which is the Mustang show field. Entry is through Gate 3 where you will take a right and go to the third row down.

We’re getting close to show time!

The full map is here.

Carlisle 2011 ‘Coyote Countdown’

I tweeted about this event when I first heard about the Coyote 5.0 swap at Carlisle. I was just reminder of it when I received a “Fast News from Ford Racing” last week. Apparently, if you correctly guess how long it will take to do the swap you could win $1,500 in Ford Racing parts.

Predict How Long It’ll Take to Swap a New 5.0 into a
Fox Body Mustang and Win $1,500 in Ford Racing Performance Parts!

You don’t need to be a mechanic to enter the “Coyote Countdown” engine swap contest at this year’s Carlisle (PA) Ford Nationals – you just need a good guess to win $1,500 in Ford Racing Performance Parts. The winner must most accurately predict how much time it will take for Kurgan Motorsports to swap out the original engine from a partially restored Fox Body Mustang and replace it with a brand-new Ford Racing “Coyote” 5.0 V-8. The contest showcases how easy it can be to swap a Coyote 5.0 using Ford Racing’s crate engine (M-6007-M50) and wiring installation kit (M-6017-A504V) into an older Ford vehicle.

Before the swap takes place at Carlisle, you must submit your guess online HERE.

Enter online, winner need not be present.

Link: Carlisle Events: The Coyote Countdown

Carlisle 2011 Update

I received my gate pass a couple of days ago.

I haven’t heard from a lot of people about whether they are attending or not. If you are attending and I haven’t added you to the official list, please let me know that you are attending and which days. With our busy schedules and gas prices being what they are I can see why some may be unable to commit until the last minute.

This year I refrained from sending out any mass emails. I figured that the audience for this site knows we are doing this since this is year number 5. Maybe that was a bad assumption?

I was thinking about how to get the word out so, in order to find who was talking about Carlisle 2011 and Mustangs, I Googled “Mustang Carlisle 2011” and was surprised to find this site as the number two entry.

Searching for “Carlisle 2011 Mustangs” puts this site first. Interesting.

5pt0joe: Cruise to Carlisle

As mentioned previously, 5Pt0joe is again putting together a cruise to Carlisle, PA for the 2011 Ford Nationals. He has updated his cruise information page and has included some kind words on our group at Carlisle.

Don’t forget to stop by and say “hi” at the Triple White Fox Tent!  I must say that out of every place at Carlisle, this tent is a great place to stop if you are looking to lay back, socialize, and meet new people.  When you sit down and hang out with them, by the time you leave, you’ll realize that this hang out spot is more like a family reunion than a hang out spot!  If you don’t believe me, visit and see for yourself!  You’ll meet several people that you’ll look forward to seeing every year after and possibly even at local car shows too!

Link: Cruise to Carlisle 2011

2011 Carlisle Planning Underway

2011 Carlisle Ford Nationals, June 3-5, 2011It’s been a long, hard winter. So, it’s been good to start thinking about the show season ahead.

This week I put together the updates to the site regarding planning for getting the feature cars together at the 2011 Carlisle Ford Nationals to be held in Carlisle, PA from June 3-5, 2011. The main Carlisle information page is posted here.

5pt0joe is again organizing a cruise down from New England. I’ll be joining that and his information and registration page is here.

I just filled out the tent registration form and will be sending that in. Every year I have gone to Carlisle the tent has been invaluable. The price has increased slightly again and, as usual, I will be asking for donations from attendees to help defray the cost.

If you can think of ways to help spread the word, I’d love to hear them. Maybe via your local club or through other sites you visit.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer.

Save on Carlisle 2011 Registration

Believe it or not, it is not too early to start thinking about Carlisle Ford Nationals in June 2011. I received an email recently from them that they are having a sale staring on Friday, December 17.

Carlisle 2011 Sale

Carlisle 2011 Sale

In a separate email from them they had a little detail on club arrangements –

Club Tent forms will be available in January.  Due to limited space on the Showfield – returning clubs will have renewal rights on Club Tents before we can offer space to new clubs next year.

It makes me feel good that they are expecting good demand for space. Register early and select which is listed under club affiliation. As in past years, I will have more information coming to the site in the near future.