A Solution for Fox-Body Mustang Center Cap Removal

Center cap removal has always been something I’ve dreaded. It’s nearly impossible without damaging the wheel and/or center cap. I’ve tried many approaches to reduce the chance of damage. I’ve wrapped the end of the lug wrench in tape. I’ve used various pry tools. And, I’ve been successful. Mostly. I have also introduced an occasional nick on the edge of the wheel.

On this wheel, a spare that I have, we can see a lot of evidence of just how difficult that defect-free center cap removal is. Note that this damage was done by previous owners…not me.

Last year, when I was ordering some detailing supplies, I decided to add one more item to my cart – a skin wedge tool. This item, made from 4140 steel, was touted as a great tool for use in prying interior panels and other things with tight gaps and where the possibility of damage is high. Really, anything where a sturdy tool with a fingernail thick edge and very little flex can provide an advantage. I used it a couple times around the house with good success.

But, then came the time to take the wheels off the Mustang. I’m getting new tires soon and I feel more comfortable dropping off just the wheels at the tire shop. It reduces the chance of more damage to my wheels in getting the center caps off as I can do it with more time and care than the tire shop guy might take.

This is when it hit me. The skin wedge tool might be the right tool for this job.

The right tools for the job
That’s a pretty fine point

It turned out that it worked pretty darn amazingly! It is the perfect width to get into the slot. It’s thinness allows it to get plenty deep into the slot to give good leverage. And, it’s smooth surface doesn’t mar the wheel.

This was an amazing discover and I will no longer dread center cap removal.

I also made a video to demonstrate the ease of removing a center cap with the skin wedge.

What I used for this project –


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