Feature Mustang Registry Updates Underway

My last round of web site updates included changes to the 1992 and 1993 Feature Mustang registry forms. This changed it from simply emailing a submission to me to including  the submissions in a database. With the old email-based submission, I processed everything locally and uploaded a new web page with the statistics. After I went to the online database. I never updated my workflow to use the new data. As a result, submissions have been coming in and the statistics pages have not been getting updated.

Well, over the last week, I have started to create a new statistics process that pulls directly from the database. The result looks substantially like the old page but is much more accurate as the approach removes the likelyhood of an error in manually transcribing the data.

The page now includes the date of the latest submission so you can tell how up to date it is. When a submission comes in, it doesn’t go directly to the stats. I still need to review it before it gets added. This allows me to look for errors and to identify cars that have been previously registered. The page also includes the number of submissions pending my review.

To date, I have completed the  conversion for 1992 statistics and am going to start next on the 1993 statistics.

Link: 1992 Registry Statistics

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