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Forums restored back to Sunday 12/30/2012 3:30 AM Eastern

edited January 2013 in Forum News
Sometime on Sunday December 30, 2012, went down. When I brought it back up, the forums (and other parts of the site) reflected activity only through December 24th. I can only guess that there must have been an outage at my web host and they restored a backup from December 24th or so.

I have my own daily backup which I restored and we now have posts through Sunday, December 30 at 3:30 AM Eastern. Any posts done during the day on Sunday before the site went down are unfortunately lost.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I will be following up with my web host to see what happened.


  • Update: My web host reports a disk outage where backups had to be restored for all hosted sites. They backup all hosted sites once per week. My scheduled backup happens to occur on Tuesdays making this failure close to the worst that it could be in terms of days of data lost (6 days).

    Luckily, I have my own mechanism for daily backups. Forums are restored up to yesterday as previously mentioned as well as ebay auction history is now up to date. I may have lost a couple registry entries from the last week but I have another way to restore those.

    Thanks to Ron E. who informed me of a problem before my web host did.
  • This is the only thing I hate about workin' on websites. I had that happen to me once. Luckily the web hosting company got it squared away and when I upgraded to a non-shared server shortly after, I got the SSL certificate and daily backups for free. Needless to say, that put a smile on my face!
  • Funny you mention SSL. I just went through getting a SSL certificate to solve some other issues ( ). I used StartCom because they were free. I found it is expensive to get one from a source like Verisign or Digicert. Very nice that you got one included.

    Who do you use for hosting?
  • I use Bluehost for everything website-related (they use Comodo SSL) and am more than happy with them. Although I was happy with their cheap service, while building the e-commerce part of Show Car Customs (which should be in full swing in less than a month), I was agitated by the complications I had in the development stage and decided to upgrade to a dedicated server and get a special SSL certificate early and had no more problems with development. The package I got is much more than I need, but when it comes to e-commerce safety, I went all out.

    My Gmail had no complications what-so-ever last month. Didn't even know Google made the change!
  • Awesome. Thanks for the info. I just read your '2013 Update' and it sounds like some big changes are coming. Good luck and I can't wait to see the result.
  • I got the site up yesterday. Still lots to do to get it where I want it to be, but it will take me a few months to do that. Don't be surprised if you see an e-mail from me in the next day or two. Now that I've got the site up, it's time to fill it with pre-made products and I think you'll appreciate some of my dummy products which may go into production!
  • NICE---- Websites and store !
  • Thanks! I have a feeling you'll like what I have up my sleeve for next week!
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