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Starting a family, selling a 1992 5.0 LX Feature Car Auto

edited August 2013 in For sale/wanted
Well, I figured this day would come. When I originally bought this car, I wondered how long I would be able to hold onto it. It is not the first Foxbody 5.0 that I have sold and I bet that it won't be the last that I own. Much like my first car (86 GT 5.0 5spd), I will likely regret selling this one some day. I have a daughter on the way due within 8 weeks so I better start down the sales path.

Here is the one page datasheet that I made up to post on the car when I get to my next car show.

Due to impending family obligations, I must let go of this 1992 Limited Edition Feature Car Convertible.

This is #498 of 2,193 1992 Limited Edition Feature Car Convertibles produced. I am the fourth owner. I have detailed information from all previous owners including Carfax reports, the original window sticker, original sales brochures, and production confirmation data from Terry McCoy (pre Marti report source on these cars). I have kept a full maintenance log of everything that I have done to this car since becoming its owner in November of 2009. The original mileage is 69,XXX as of this writing. I use it for summer nice days only driving and weekend cruising. Everything on it works like new.

Car is original except for the replacement top, reupholstered front seats, various maintenance/wear item replacements, and the following items:

K&N panel filter
Ford Racing plug wires
JVC stereo head unit (CD/MP3/USB) with Blaupunkt speakers
Ford Racing B springs
KYB shocks/struts
Polyurethane offset steering rack bushings
Flowmaster Catback exhaust

Additional items included with the car:

Original Convertible boot cover and soft case
Original Trunk cargo net
Original Springs
Car cover

This car is 100% garage kept and I don't plan on setting it out for sale for somewhere. It pains me to see nice cars rot when they sit around. That is why I am selling it. With a baby on the way and plans for more, I don't see the Feature getting used too much. I rescued it from a life of lack of use sitting in a shop for years on end and I don't intend to put it back into that position. I have really enjoyed driving this car (so has my wife). I hope that it goes to a good home where it will continue to get driven and enjoyed on a regular basis.

Other information on the car:

It has a power driver's seat with power lumbar on both seats. It has factory 3.27 gears and factory air conditioning (converted to R134a). It originally had a AM/FM cassette with graphic equalizer but that was gone before I purchased it. I did discover the factory amplifier on the transmission hump behind the radio when I installed the new stereo.

One thing that impressed me about the car originally was the fact that it is nearly complete with very little modified over the years. The paperwork is also also very complete with information from all previous owners. The body and paint are all original and the car has never been in an accident.

Disclosure: There are a hand full of small door dings and scratches. Most of these you can't see unless you are washing and waxing the car. There is one dent in the driver's side rocker panel down low. Most people don't notice it, even at car shows! I believe that it happened in the shop that I bought it from at some point during its storage there. I decided never to fix it as it would require body work and paint and a car is only original once.

Well, that is all I can think of for now. Here are some pics.

I am asking $9000 or best offer. Please PM me if you are interested. It is for sale locally.
IMG_2971 web.jpg
640 x 480 - 246K
IMG_2972 web.jpg
640 x 480 - 221K
IMG_2973 web.jpg
640 x 480 - 241K
IMG_2976 web.jpg
640 x 480 - 225K
IMG_2978 web.jpg
640 x 480 - 178K
IMG_2979 web.jpg
640 x 480 - 191K
IMG_2985 web.jpg
640 x 480 - 232K


  • Hi,
    How did you make out on your sale? My daughter was 4 when I purchased mine and she loves riding in it. Our son arrived last April and I I'd not use it much last year and gave selling it serious consideration this spring. But I HATE selling a car...dealing with low balling jerks (I fit that bill) nit picking the car looking to get it or nothing.

    Breaking the law a bit, I have had my son in the car -forward facing seat buckled in as best as possible- and he really likes it!

    So I decided o keep it knowing I would regret it in a year or two.

    Not to mention getting the wife in agreement for a purchase like this is never easy...

  • It is still for sale. I have set it out locally three times when at work. I also threw it up on Ebay with a no charge posting but I have not had any buyers yet.

    My wife delivered a special needs baby 6 weeks early so I haven't had much time to work on actively selling it. I am in no rush to do so.

    I plan on keeping my 95 GT and continuing down the modification path with that one as I have time. I just don't see the Feature getting used for quite a while. I would like to see it go to a good home where it will be driven and enjoyed like my wife and I have done.
  • My wife delivered a special needs baby 6 weeks early so I haven't had much time to work on actively selling it. I am in no rush to do so.
    Congrats on your new addition!
  • Jim
    Is your car still for sale, if so I would like to talk
  • Chuc65K,

    Yes, it is still for sale. I posted a private message for you with my contact information.
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