50th Mustang club kit

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Saw this and wanted to make sure others saw it in case their Mustang club wanted one. Maybe John/triplewhitefox.com would qualify as a club and be eligible for its own kit? http://www.mustang.org/content.php/451- ... nouncement


  • Tom, thanks for sharing. I think this site could totally qualify for this. I must have enough Carlisle photos to meet the documenation qualification of a club "meet". No cost for the kit but $200 for handing and processing. Ouch. I had to re-read that a couple times to see if I was missing a decimal point.

    It might seem crazy but I'm interested. I am kind of uncertain as to if there is $200 worth of stuff in the kit, though. More specifics are here: https://www.mustang50yearcelebration.co ... your-event I guess I really want to know what they "& MUCH MORE" is.

    What seems like a more solid offer is the "bonus package" which includes 12 hats & 12 shirts for $225 which works out to $18.75 per set. If I do go for the kit is there any interest in the hats/shirts? I figure if we have 11 others than myself we could have each member chip in and get a hat/shirt combo. Reply if interested. Remember that I could get them to you at the 50th in Charlotte or in Carlisle or you could pay for shipping from me to you.
  • I'd be in John. I'll take 1 hat/shirt combo. If we are close to 12 but not quite there I'll take 2. I agree on the $200.00 processing fee. Seems like info-mercial material.
  • I am interested in at least one set possibly a few more if they do not get spoken for.
  • Count me in! I'll take 1 or 2 also.
  • I will take 2 if there is enough. Thanks John.

    I hope everyone is doing well.
  • Wow, such a good response so far. I'll let everyone know what happens. I think I have to get the celebration kit with $200 handling fee in order to get the hats/shirts as an add on. I think I'll have to call to find out exactly what is in the kit. Also, it is unclear to me what the shirt sizes are. There is apparently no way to specify size just that you want 12. And, more can be ordered in increments of 12. So, keep that interest coming!
  • I have ordered the kit. I haven't heard whether my request has been accepted yet (whether we are viewed as a club under their guidelines). I'll update as soon as I hear anything.
  • I'd be in for a set as well. That handling charge must be run by the same people that put an item on eBay for $0.99 and then put a $200 shipping charge! LOL!
  • Ha! I haven't yet heard anything back. I did read that the deadline for ordering was extended until Feb. 28th. My order number was 480. I'm not sure if that implies that 479 ordered before me.
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    Good news. I received the hats and shirts today. No sign of the actual celebration kit, though. Sizes on the shirts are 2 medium, 4 large, 4 XL and 2 XXL. If you expressed interest so far, please reply again with your first and second choice for size. I'll go in order of first reply above when granting size requests. For now, one shirt person until we see what we have left and then we can figure out how to assign the rest. $18.75 per set (shirt and hat). I can ship to you if you want or see you in person at the 50th or Carlisle. If we get to you and only have left a size you can't wear you are under no obligation to take it. The sizes were decided by Ford.

    Update 03/30/14
    TWF_John - L
    noac - XL
    YellowAndGreen - XL, 2XL
    92LX - XL
    PerformanceRedLX - XL
    5pt0Joe - L
    hot35ann - L, L
  • Hi John...XL 1st choice, XXL 2nd choice will get at 50th. Paypal? I think I'll have mine shipped. Thanks Tom
  • 1st - Large, 2nd - XL. Will pick up at 50th.
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    If there is any additional interest in the 50th shirt and hat sets I still have two mediums and one 2XL size shirts. The cost is $18.75 for each hat/shirt set.
  • I just thought I'd point out that I am offering the 50th kit items for sale. I have had a post on the front page announcing this but it has had little interest. So, for you who don't go to the front page of the site and come directly to the forums, here's your link.

    The prices are set reasonably intended only to cover my costs to get the kit. Thanks for your support.
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