Who has collector car insurance?

I drive my car less than 1000 miles a year. Can anyone recommend a insurance company?


  • I do. I have American Collectors. I assume you keep the car in the garage.
  • I use Heacock Classic. They have a discount for MCA members (10%, I think). The top mileage limitation is 3,000 but it's cheaper if you agree to drive less. Must be garaged. If you have more than one car with them you only pay liability on one. I have never made a claim so I don't know how they work from that respect. Otherwise, customer service is very good. I think collector insurance is a must so you can get agreed value coverage.
  • We switched from Haggerty to Grundy two years ago. Grundy was able to give us one policy that covers the collector cars and the daily drivers. 12mo premium and it was a lot cheaper.
  • Thanks for the replies, I'll look into them. l always garaged
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