Wanted pass door panel

Looking for 93 white pass door panel w blk trim. Needs to be at least a 9. Will pay $$$


  • Over a year ago I purchased a white/black 1992/1993 convertible door panel thinking that I would use it in one of my cars, or some day install it in a Yellow/White convertible when I buy one some day. I drive the cars that I have now so the door panels in them are okay, and will do me for quite some time. I really don't know why I ever bought this door panel really, must be the need for parts parts and more parts. The passenger door panel that I have looks to have all push-pin holes in-tact (not breaking, loose fitting or falling apart or elongated), the backing on the panel is nice and straight, the speaker grille is in-tact and attached to the panel, the panel is in good condition around the thin area of the lower front corner of the panel, the map pocket is still folded on its ridges real nice and the map pocket is tight against the black support backing that holds the map pocket and not hanging down and all stretched out, the rubber window wiper is soft and flexible and the vinyl covering on the face of the panel doesn't look to have any rips, tears, etc. in it when I did a fast once-over a few minutes ago. I will try to take and post some pictures. What are you hoping to get a real nice door panel for in case this one will meet your "9" rating?
  • PM Sent just seen post. Still interested email rickdrinkwater@bellsouth.net
  • Is this still available? pm me
  • Apologies for the lack or response on my part. Family matters have had me away from a lot of internet activity, I dumped my DSL service from the phone company and within the last year got my first smartphone. John just reset my account so I am back in touch as of first thing this morning with a new e-Mail address too. I have to update my profile today.

    On another note I see you now have NOS, Ford I assume, door panels for sale so I guess you got an alternative to what I have stored away.

    Again, I do apologize for dropping the ball on this.
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