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rear window woes

Finlay got around to taking the rear interior out of the fox to asses the non working rear window. looks like it's the window regulator and not the control rod mount as I had suspected. I'm not able to find any new window regulators anywhere. Anyone have a suggestion?


  • Turns out to not be as bad as I thought. Once I had the regulator apart I tried to operate it manually with my hand and it would not budge which led me to believe it was shot. Since I had the motor out anyway I went ahead and replaced the internal bushings (used 1/4 20 hex nuts). Just to see I put the regulater and the motor together and cycled it and what do you know it did operate. I guess the regulator just is not meant to be cycled by hand.
  • Glad to hear you are making progress.
  • Unfortunately I had already ordered a used regulator off ebay and it was too late to cancel, Anyone need a pas side rear window regulator?
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