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New here. Could use some help

I recently purchased a triple white. It's all original minus tires, filters and exhaust. 38,000 miles. Does anybody have any suggestions on finding interior parts? The rear speaker panels are an off white not bright I'm afraid of painting theme and it turning out worse than the look now. I'm also missing a bolt cover on the passenger side door panel. I've looked at every web page that I could find and every junk yard that I can find in central Illinois. If anybody has any ideas I would appreciate it.


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    Congratulations on the new purchase!

    Yellowing on the interior parts is common. I've heard from a knowledgeable source that even as the cars were going down the assembly line, some of the interior parts such as the seat belt bezels were off white.

    That being said, it is possible to correct for this and/or find replacement parts of a different color and color-match. A friend of the site, Ron E., emailed me with the following upon seeing this question. He has had excellent results with his interior.

    "I had a pint of vinyl paint* custom matched to the interior of my triplewhite which is also the same Oxford White used in 92 and then put into spray cans.

    I removed the speaker grilles and the speakers to paint them and wiped them prior to painting with acetone (?). The paint store told me what to use. I also did the seat belt bezel above the speaker grilles and the armrest bolt hole covers. I masked the bezels as its a job to remove them as the quarter panel trim has to come out and there is a danger you will break them. You will also need to mask the seat belt off to avoid overspray on it.

    *for using on vinyl the auto body supply shop added some kind of additive or changed the mixture. I had the cars for 6 years and 8 years where they sat out with no problems such as flaking or peeling. The can says Omni-Pak Enamel Blend with color SEM or SEMP 5107. I actually have one full can left over and I used one can to do both cars. I would be willing to sell the can but not sure if it can be shipped."
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  • I've not been able to find a paint shop that can match the panel. Can you get us the formulation for the dye so we can get it made?
  • I've been talking to a guy at a paint supply shop they sell ppg paint. He it trying to match the paint now and try and get in it in a spray can. Once I get my hands on some I will pass along the information.
  • Here's what I was told:
    Start with Oxford White and tint from there. Make sure they know it is going on plastic.

    It sounds like it might take some effort on the part of the paint supply person to get it right. Hopefully, you can find one willing to work with you.
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