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Rear driver window regulator

My rear driver window regulator is sticking. I have taken it out after replacing the motor, bushing and assemblies. I can't find a anyone making a replacement. Is there anyone making one ....if not any suggestions to getting it moving smoothly again? I have tried a whole bottle of WD40 and no luck. It gets stuck half way down and has trouble coming back up.


  • are you trying to move it by hand or with the motor? I had mine out when I thought the regulator was bad and I could not move it by hand. Turns out I needed new busings so once I did that the regulator that would not move by hand worked fine when turned by the motor.

    If it turns out you do need a regulator I have a used one. Bought it when I thought my regulator was the issue but ended up not using it. You can have it if it helps your cause.

  • It does not move with the motor. The motor works fine. I actually bought a new motor and installed it but it does not move the regulator. I had it out and it does not move by hand without lots of effort. I will work on the bushings ... I might need that used regulator....I will work on it over the 4th..... Thanks a bunch
  • I disconnected the regulator arm from the window and the motor can't move the regulator. I wish it was the guide bushings but I think the regulator is frozen up.
  • When you installed the motor were you sure that you didn't bind the motor gear shaft in the recessed area that it goes into? It will bolt down in a bind in the rear, I did my first one that way and then corrected my mistake. Now I always make sure the motor drops or sets into the regulator and then pivots slightly in the opening before I start to bolt it down. You might see 1/16" or so movement after the motor is set in place. If it doesn't move at all it could be in a bind. The long shaft makes for a bigger challenge setting the motor over the front motors, but I do the same with those when rebuilding the window motors too.

    Next, if that isn't the case, I wonder if the rear window got broken when previously owned (if that is the case) and pieces of glass fell down into the regulator, locking it up. I haven't found many things that PB Blaster wasn't able to unfreeze, if it is rusted up.
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