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1992 Mustang premium sound to premium sound with "EQ" upgrade

I have a1992 Mustang LX 5.0 sedan that has the factory premium sound still installed. My plan is to upgrade to the premium sound radio with the factory EQ. I bought the radio/eq unit with the harness on ebay. This is a link to what I bought....
Does anyone have any experience with performing this swap? I would like to think this will be a simple remove and install scenario but rarely do I have such luck. Any suggestions comments will be appreciated. I do not have the EQ unit in my hands yet.


  • Do you have any pictures of everything that you got from the seller on e-Bay? Since the ad title says 1993 Cobra Ford Mustang, does the label on the side of the stereo have F3Z on it or something else? Is the amp that goes in the rear of the console with the setup? Does the stereo have the 1993 style connectors on it or the older strip style connectors where the stereo plugs into the wiring harness? I saw only one picture in the auction ad and didn't see the under-dash harness connectors. The stereos with graphic equalizers that I have seen in the past have different connectors on the back of the unit than standard cassette stereos, where they connect to the under-dash plugs in the cars. I have never tried swapping one out myself, yet.
  • Okay, so my computer crashed and I am still rebuilding, lost all e-mails, contacts, everything. I got the other pictures from the e-Bay auction, didn't realize I needed to click on the main picture from the ended auction listing. I am not sure if the amp at the back of the console is different for the equalizer or not, but that stereo has the strip connectors that look like they match the factory 1992 connectors. If it was me, and if your car has NO amp at the back of the console I would not try installing the EQ stereo in the car. IF test fitting the connectors does not work out then there is a difference in some way between the two set-ups. FORD IS GOOD for making sure a connector has some difference in it if the parts are supposed to mate to other devices.

    The label, F1Z, would be 1991 Mustang at a minimum so it could have been put in a 1992 also. When you use the insertion tools for removing your current stereo remove the stereo and coin tray. I always unplug the connectors first and the antenna last and connect the antenna first and the connectors afterwards. There are little push in to unlock tabs that hold the connectors secure on the stereo, in the centers of the connectors, don't forcefully unplug the connectors from the stereos. When the stereo is out look for the amp at the back of the console. SOME Mustangs have NO amplifiers in them from the factory. STARE AND COMPARE the stereo end of the connectors to one another. The connection points should match, including the outline of the sockets that the plugs go together at. Test fit the under dash connectors that your original stereo was unplugged from to each of the two on the EQ stereo with NO KEY ON in the car. There is ONLY ONE WAY the connectors should go together and you shouldn't be able to plug the power connector into the speaker connector and vice versa, they are slightly different. The power plug for the stereo on the under dash harness has the bright yellow wire with the black stripe and the green wire with the orange stripe and the blue wire with the red stripe in it and should connect to the stereo itself. The speaker plug will likely have all 8 positions in the connector filled, the power plug will likely have empty spaces where wires should be in it but the stereos normally don't use 8 wires in the power connectors, and the speaker connector should plug into the connector coming from the back of the equalizer. When you plug the EQ stereo in completely and all connectors snap into place (little clicks when the tabs lock together) turn the power to the stereo on and test it. I DO NOT believe the stereo will be affected in any way if the amp for some reason is incorrect.
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