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TMI Seat and Boot Colors

Okay, so i know they're white but here is my situation...

I just purchased a 92 feature car and the PO has replaced the interior seat upholstery with TMI part number 43-74630-965. I know this isn't the correct interior as it is missing the black piping. At this point i'm just wanting to match the convertible boot which is missing. LMR has a 93 TMI boot that is bright white and a 90-93 boot that is oxford white. I understand the correct color for a 92 feature car is oxford white from searches on this forum however...

I'm wanting to match the new upholstery that is already in the car so does anyone know how to tell if seat part number 43-74630-965 is bright white or oxford white?

I've sent emails to TMI but haven't heard back yet. I was told by that bright white was the correct color for all feature mustangs but that conflicts with some of the information on this forum.

So, for those TMI 43-74630-965 do I get their bright white boot or the oxford white boot?

Thanks in advance...


  • Sorry, I don't know the answer. I hope TMI responds soon. Or, maybe someone reading this has a contact within TMI?
  • I haven't seen him in a little over two years, but if he's still there, ask to speak to Dean the Mustang manager. I misplaced his business card, so I don't have a direct phone number.
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