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MCA 40th Mustang Show

For those attending the MCA 40th Mustang Show in September and are looking to park in a MORE parking group (non-judged, come and leave as you wish), feel free to join the discussion group. We need 20, so I built this page to see just how many we can get! Although Feature Cars are in the title, ANYONE can join us!

Facebook Group:

Show Website:

If you are not on Facebook and would like to join us, just drop me a line below or PM me.



  • Hey Joe, thanks for sharing this here. I've been thinking about how I could go to that show but the main barrier is time off from work. Maybe I'll figure out a way. Hopefully others reading this will join you.
  • Hopefully you can come out!!!
  • Looking forward to it....hope to see all!!

    If you are attending the show and would like to park your Mustang in the group, you must fill out this form at the link below. When you fill out the form, you automatically receive an e-mail with the confirmed information and it is automatically put into the spreadsheet that is required by the MCA to participate.
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