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Build sheet locations??

Hi I'm looking to find the build sheet on my 93 yellow vert wondering if anyone know the location I'm 2nd owner so I don't think it has been found yet! Any info on where to look would be appreciated thanks


  • I found a sheet behind my rear seat.
    It wasn't that informative but cool to find. And, it's in an easy location to check unlike looking under your carpet.
  • I'll look and see the one in my 93 cobra is very informative it's actually pretty cool has the red cobra marking and specific stuff to the cobra and marked c in red. It was under the spare tire
  • Not located under the rear seat so any other ideas? Under the carpet ?
  • edited August 2016
    You could try under the passenger side carpet or under the spare tire. I have heard that by this time most of the build sheets were being thrown out. I looked all over for mine and could not find anything. Good luck!
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