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2017 Carlisle Ford Nationals June 2-4, 2017

It's time to really get planning on this. First, let's get registered! Check out the Carlisle page for details on that.

Last year, several people suggested that we have a better tent setup and place to hangout. I agree! I'd like to hear ideas on that. With the tent rental we can also rent tables and chairs. Maybe we can have a cookout for lunch or at the end of day as the show is wrapping up.

It's the 25th anniversary of 1992 feature car. As far as I know, Carlisle is not planning to recognize it. I think it is up to us. Hopefully, we can have a strong showing of these cars. It would be great to draw more attention to our group. Maybe we could have a birthday cake or celebration of some sort.

I know we all have cars with small trunks so we'll have to think of some imaginative ways to get things to the show or get them locally.

Please let me know your ideas!


  • I will be bringing my 1993 Yellow....hopefully be there all weekend. Looking forward to this as I do every year.
  • Cool, that's good to hear. I'm looking forward to it already.
  • I am bringing one of the yellows. I like the cake idea!!
  • edited April 2017
    Unfortunately, there hasn't been much interest either to this post or the Facebook post. I hope that changes. If you are reading this and are planning to attend please respond here or let me know via email.

    For me, I'm thinking of bringing my newer Mustang and leaving the triple white at home this year.I've never had it at Carlisle and think it would be a fun alternative. I hope others are bringing their feature cars!
  • Over the weekend, I registered for the tent and requested one table. The total was $195. Based on the number of attendees in prior years, if we could contribute the usual $20 each for the tent that would be great. Contributions can be made in person once we are there.

    I'm still working out details for what me might do for a celebration of some sort.
  • Hi All, Whats going on for next weekend? I haven't heard much lately. I plan to get there Thursday evening late and will be staying through Sunday. - Tim
  • I've been meaning to post an update. This year, I won't be there until Friday evening. Don't have too much fun before I get there! I'll be there through midday Sunday.
  • If you want your banner up early or anything brought out ahead of time, let me know. Since I haven't driven my Mustang more than an hour at a time and currently have it apart to rebuild the front end, I'm trailering it out to my sisters to be on the safe side, so I'll have my Expedition. Then I'll just drive back and forth to Carlisle from her house with the Mustang.

    For those not on the Facebook group, if you plan to be there Saturday afternoon and want cake, let me know here. Just want to make sure I have enough.
  • I plan on being there Fri and Sat.
  • Cool. I've been able to change my schedule around. I should be there late Thursday night. So, I'll also be around on Friday.
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