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interior color

trying to redo the interior in my 93. haven't really found out what color interior is supposed to be or what color SEM paint I can buy to match it. seats need to be redone but the panels are just faded and aged. does anyone know the color that comes close to the OG interior color?


  • Here is a link to LMR's OE color match paint/dyes website (I believe made by SEM). They have paints and dyes that are a perfect match for the interior. I have used it personally and have seen it in other cars and it it pretty close to perfect. Just make sure you clean all the parts thoroughly with the vinyl prep/cleaner. Then for interior use black 90-93 and the white 84-95 paint. They have great videos on how to do it on their site. Good luck!
  • thanks for the info. I normally buy my SEM dye from NPD. used it to redye the interior in my 90 SSP so I got pretty good at it. just with the white dye I have no experience or have a idea if it will match. but now that I know its a very good match I will buy it to do my door panels and rear quarters. thanks again.
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