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More Feature Products For Sale

edited May 2017 in For sale/wanted
I've added a few products again... here are links to new and old stuff... Also, if you're going to Carlisle, select "Event Pickup" for shipping and I'll bring it with me if order is placed no later than Tuesday night (5/30). I'll make everything on the 31st.

- Hats:
- T-Shirts: (*I sell two shirt styles... a "basic" and "performance" shirt. Differences are explained on the site.)
- Cooling Towels: (*These are towels you can put around your neck at a show to reduce your temperature and shield your neck from the sun.)
- Key Tags:

I'm toying with a couple more future Feature products that you could see sometime around the end of summer to the end of the year.

* Please note that ALL products I sell can be personalized for any occasion with your photos and artwork or mine. Take a look around my site and you'll see I make literally a couple hundred different products. Thanks!
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