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I just purchased a 93 Triple white special edition from a person that had it for sale on Craigslist. Seems to be a pretty straight car except for a few mods that the previous owner made. Have all the original parts so can out it back to stock. BTW, it is one of 444 with the standard 5 speed transmission.


  • I have a head scratcher. Looking at the codes my car should have and AOD and not the standard shift. The way everything is set up it appears to be from the factory as a 5 speed. Anyone have this problem?
  • Hey, welcome! How many miles on the car?

    I have not heard of a car coming from the factory with a code mismatch. It was likely converted somewhere along the line. Not that that's a problem - if the car is what you enjoy, that's what's important. Enjoy it!
  • When I purchased my 1992 Summer Edition convertible I had the problem with someone removing the door data label. I scratched my head wondering if it was a factory five speed car. I knew it was a Feature car because of the Buck Tag. I researched "other" ways to determine a factory five speed car. The Buck Tag on a factory five speed car also has the code MBW in the tag. When I found and bought my YB it carries the MBW on the Buck Tag and the YB parts car does too.
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