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Hey guys new member/owner

Hello everyone I recently joined and submitted all my cars info. I have a 1-444 5speed triple white fox. All original never modded in exc condition w zero rust. Only thing added is flowmaster mufflers. Found out it was ordered from Orlando via the dealer code on the tag. I gotta get a pony headrest for it as pass side doesn't have pony emblem. I live in Erie pa so if anyone has one please get ahold of me my email is also after you submit you're card credentials how do u know if it got registered etc. thank you.


  • Hey there, welcome! I received your registration just fine. It sounds like a great find with 11k mikes and a 5 speed.

    A bunch of us go to Carlisle, PA every year in early June. It's great to hear you are in PA! I hope you can join us next year.
  • Nice score.... 5 speed and 11K miles! Sounds like an awesome car, welcome!
  • Thanks guys nice to join. I'd love to join you in Carlisle. Awesome I was wondering how the registration went. Let me know when Carlisle is as I'm new to this whole scene. Look forward to seeing all the fellow owners in person
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