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Does anyone of a gas door release button in the glove box

All the Fords of the time seem to have this feature from Taurus to Tbird, mine does not.


  • Not all Fords from this era have this option. My 1989 GT convertible did. It seemed like the fuel door never closed completely flush with the rear quarter panel on that car.

    I realize you asked this question months ago, but I see nobody has replied either. Are you asking if anybody's Feature (or L.E.) convertible has the fuel door release assembly in the trunk/fuel door area and the orange button in the glove box? If so, no, none of the LE's that I have came with this option.
  • Hi, better late than never. Yes wondering if feature mustangs did. My '88tbird did, thought it was cool. Saved all the parts/wiring when I junked the car. Wondering if it would be worth the effort to install
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