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New owner here. Need help finding info.

Hello everyone! I just purchased a 93 Yellow LX with White Interior. I can't find the buck tag to verify if it is a real feature car. It appears the car has had some front end collision damage and I am assuming the buck tag may have been removed during the repairs. It does have a trim code of CZ, so I'm hopeful. Can anyone help me with this? I see there is a registry maintained here. Maybe this car has been registered in the past? Thanks!


  • Welcome and congrats on the car!

    If your door tag has a BZ paint code and a CZ interior code then it is very likely a feature car.

    Feel free to send me your VIN and I can check to see if it was previously registered.
  • Looks like it does have the BZ paint code as well. I'll send the VIN. Thanks!
  • Sure, no problem. I just replied to your email with a little information that I have on the car.
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