My 93 triple white came with Flowmaster exhaust installed. Seems like nearly every other one I've seen has the same. Anybody know why? Pretty sure that was not a factory option.


  • That was pretty much the defacto standard exhaust replacement when the cars were new. A 5.0 with flowmasters was a very recognizable sound.
  • And a fine sound it is. I was just wondering since most every feature car I've seen has Flowmasters. Thx for your response.
  • The closest thing that I could find to a factory-style look for my '93 YW was a Dynomax kit. I wanted a Walker (closest thing to O.E. style) system but could not locate all of the parts to put a complete system together. Carquest personnel searched Walker and then Dynomax and found what they showed as the last boxed Dynomax setup in one of their northern warehouses. They had it brought to Florida after I paid for the shipping, well worth the time and effort. The mufflers have the end brackets that the brand new factory-style hangers bolt up to and other than the Dynomax logo on the mufflers they look the OE part under there. I would love to find more of these systems because I personally do not like Flowmaster exhaust, too noisy at highway speeds, too noisy at take-off to normal around-town speeds, definitely unlike original exhaust, and the Flowmaster mufflers that I have taken out of many 5.0 Mustang parts cars look nothing like stock originals. I have given Flowmasters away to a coworker that build street rods and resold them when I have been able to.
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