Might be the End of the Foxbody Mustang Era for Me

With the purchase of a D-Code project 1995 Cobra Coupe a year and a half ago it is looking like I might be getting ready to move away from Limited Edition 7-Up and Feature Mustang convertibles.

I am still on the fence with whether I am also going to consider parting with my 1968 X-Code big block Cougar XR-7 project car and my 1969 S-Code big block non-XR-7 Cougar convertible project car.

My LE Mustangs are drivers, not garage queens. I have no garage so they couldn't be garage queens when owned by me anyway.

Before I post any of my Foxbody Mustangs for sale on this site I have one member that I will be contacting to see if they are interested in a Yellow Feature Car Trio Package Deal.

I have had my fun with the Foxbody Mustangs for many many years now, classic Mustangs for years before I owned these. I have been blessed with finding several deals on the cars that I have, and I am thankful to The Lord for putting these deals out there and allowing me to find and purchase them.

I will not be looking to sell my collection for mega money, I will be looking for a return on my investment that will reasonably make me whole from purchase date to sale date.

As an example, my 1992 Summer Edition convertible was bought for $1,240.00 many years ago. In the years I drove it before the top went bad and I parked it I did some maintenance to it, bought a few things that it needed and enjoyed using it. The car sat for some time. I sold it several months ago to someone locally looking for a 5.0 - 5 Speed donor car for their Foxbody project and took $1,400.00 for the car, running and driving but a bit run down due to sitting under tarps over the years.

More to come in the future.


  • If it comes to that, we will be sad to see you go! You are a great source of information on these cars. But, I can understand...other projects come around and one can only focus on so much before the rest gets neglected.

    In the mean time, I wish you luck with your new project!
  • Thank you!

    If I can get the picture of this California beauty to upload, it arrived today. It is what I am replacing my Limited Editions with. I stumbled upon this searching for original used good condition headlights for my project car. SN95 Mustang and Cobra headlights are different and repros are not identical to OEM lights so I won't install repros in my project.

    Oh well, I can't figure it out with my phone. I purchased a 1 of 499-made 1995 Cobra convertible that came with both the ragtop and the removable hardtop.
  • Well, 07/03/2020 and I got the Avatar updated with a picture of the Cobra when it was in California. I'll try for a more recent picture soon.

    I've done a few things to the Cobra since it arrived. I snuck a few short drives on tire-bar rear tires to see how it drove.

    I did the Cobra's first oil change (with me) using a correct Motorcraft FL300 filter (junk Fram gold oil filter's seal stayed on the engine when I removed it), I did some touch-up paint in and on a bunch of nicks and scratches, I had Village Ford order tires the other day and had them install new tires (today), I installed Motorcraft wiper blades (today), the Motorcraft air filter is here but might wait a day or so.

    It is already too hot here to want to be working outside in the middle of the day.
  • Nice. Thanks for the update. The weather has been hot here, too I've been out on some nice rides in the convertible. Late in the day, of course.
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