Just found this site and joined. Need help. Got a new (to me) '93 TWF. Power seat will go up & down but not forward & back. My problem is how to remove the seat so I can get to the electronics. I see the 2 forward studs/bolts but I cannot see/find the rear fasteners. Any help is appreciated


  • Hi! Welcome and congratulations on the car! The other two screws for the seat track are at the rear of the seat and accessible from the back seat. They are each under a plastic cover that you have to remove for access to them.
  • Thanks John. I'll try that. I look forward to interacting with others on this site.
  • Sure! I have a service manual with a diagram that describes how to remove the seat and track. I used to reference the manual electronically on a CD where I could take a screen shot. Finding a CD drive on a computer is rare now. I could take a picture of the diagram in the book if you would like. Good luck and post back with any other questions. I had my seat out at one time but it's been a few years since I went through the process.
  • John,
    I got the seat out, thank you again. The problem was not the motor or the switch. It was that if you went full forward or aft the screw jack was stripped just enough to cause it to spin without moving the seat. To solve it we moved the seat to a neutral position where the screw jack would engage and it works fine except you have to avoid full forward or aft.
    Thanks Again

    P.S. If it is not a lot of trouble I would like that picture in case I need it to replace the screw jacks.
  • The same power seat tracks were used all the way up to 1998 or 1999 in the Mustangs. The F2Z 1992 Mustang power seat motors were used on these tracks. I saw a seat track in a newer Mustang in a wrecking yard with the seat removed from the track which made me first realize the later power seat tracks and the Foxbody were the same when I saw that motor part number label. I bought an aSN95 power track and put it in one of my cars but it had different issues. The seat motor switch was also different looking in some or all of the SN95 model Mustangs but the Foxbody switch plugged into the harness if I remember correctly. I finally just pulled a manual track out of a Foxbody Mustang in a yard and swapped the power track with a manual one and was much happier with it.
  • Thanks for the info. Since it is working now I am going to leave it as-is. If it craps out I'll convert it to a manual seat as this car is only a weekend driver and not a show car.
    Thanks again,
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