Performance Red Paint

Hey folks, I have a 92 summer special that was repainted a generic red color. I'm looking to repaint it as the original EY color code. Looking at photos of low mileage summer specials, the color honestly looks more orange than red. Does anyone know the history of the "performance red" color? Was this color only used on the 92 summer specials?


  • I agree, it does look orange in some pictures. I did some searching and there seems to be some calling it Performance Red and others calling it Vibrant Red. If you look at the 1992 window sticker, it's called Vibrant Red. Both names are used across Ford literature. A PPG paint chart has it labeled as Performance Red.

    I do know for sure that it was single stage on the 1992 feature car. Later applications of Performance Red such as on the '93 Cobra had a clear coat and use code ES.

    I have seen mention that ES and EY are the same color only that ES has a clear coat. See this Cobra VIN decoder page where it states this about the '93 Cobra -

    "Exterior Paint Colors: There are technically 4 different color codes that can be here for the 1993 Mustang Cobra. Most common codes will be:

    RD- Teal Metallic Clearcoat

    UA- Black Clearcoat

    ES- Vibrant Red Clearcoat

    EY- Vibrant Red non clearcoat sometimes referred to as Performance Red. Only 9 show to have ever been painted this color. It is certain that these 9 vehicles were not made available to the public when the car first sold but many non-public cars have been sold to private individuals."
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