Power Side Mirror Switch

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Hi, I have a 92 summer edition with a white power side mirror switch. However, I'm looking at pictures of very low mileage summer editions and the switch is black. Do we know if the original should be black or white?

Thank you


  • Do you have a picture? Is the whole switch white? I'v never seen anything but black. The switches would have been consistent with what was standard on all models.
  • Jake shared this picture of the switch
  • Correct-looking to me BUT my guess is someone might have had an issue with the switch not working in the past and a replacement was installed, possibly a non-Ford switch.

    The switches unclip and come up/slide out of the console without disassembling the console. I am curious to see if there are actual Ford part numbers on the under-console portion of the switch and what those numbers are. IF FORD NUMBERS it could be a switch meant to go in a different Ford/Lincoln/Mercury product and it shipped with the all black ones so the assembly line personnel just installed it.

    Many possible scenarios.

    When one of my switches would fail (when I still owned Foxbody LE's) I found other vehicles had these power mirror switches in them too. I believe the nicest/cleanest used switches I found were in Lincolns.
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