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Tips on cleaning white leather, vinyl, and vert top

I am sorry if this has been mentioned before.
Just thought I would share this.

Someone told me that they use "Fast Orange" hand cleaner to clean thier white top, vinyl and leather. It gets all the dirt and stuff off without hurting it.
He was at a car show last night and showed me how it works on his Fox. It really did work great!

Have any of you tried this before? What do you think?


  • I have heard that before, but have never owned a white top/interior.
  • Seems like the sand or whatever in there would do damage to the leather.. Anyone done this before?

  • For my top, I just use regular car wash solution and a horsehair brush. Dampen the top, and use the brush to agitate the grain of the top to get the dirt out, then flush off with water. After I've finished washing and drying the car, I put a coat of 303 Aerospace Protectant on the top, working it in well. Then after about an hour, I go over it with a microfibre to take the excess protectant off. I find the 303 helps to keep the dirt from getting too stuck to the top.

    For the interior, I swear by Meguiars Leather Cleaner/Conditioner.
  • The interior (leather and vinyl) we use Surf City Dash Away Instant Detailer... we used Maguires at first but there wasn't a noticeable difference and it was frustrating... I picked this up from my detailing place online and was so happy about it - I posted a review and wrote to the company.

    Wanted to add - we'll be getting a white top next year (orig to the car) and any care tips or cleaners, etc - would be greatly appreciated!
  • I have used wesley's bleach white to remove a rust stain on my top. It worked great. Briefly during the winter I layed a snowboard on the roof and there was a rust spot from one of the binding screws the size of a 1/2 dollar. Using an old tooth brush it took it right off. Also used it on the black crease marks and it worked on those also. was concerned about it getting on the paint and rubber goods.
  • Yeah wesley's bleach white will take paint off, Ive used it on my truck for the white lettering but not on the top.. Hmm that is a good Idea I think ill try it.

    I am still interested in the Gojo for the leather..
    I use this stuff:


    Anyone else tried it? I think it works pretty good.. In my opinion Ford leather kinda sucks. My car has just over 18K miles and it looks like 118K lol

  • Ryan, the leather does stink on these. I just had my leathers replaced and the new although look factory correct are so much thicker feeling, it really is night and day. Maybe the cows in 2009 are fatter then they were in 1992!!!!!
  • Ahahaha :lol: Thats funny.. Nah, I think its just that Ford used the cheap crapola leather.. lol
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