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Forums down for maintenance Monday July 20, 2009 7-11 AM Eastern (UPGRADE COMPLETED- 07/20/09 09:30

edited July 2009 in Forum News
The forums will be down in order to apply some updates to the server software that runs them. The main reason is to get to the latest release with the latest security patches. As a result of going to the new release, the look will change slightly and some new features will be added. But, it will still be the same forum you know and love.

The planned outage is for Monday July 20, 2009 from 7:00 to 11:00 AM Eastern time.

Hopefully, they won't be down for the entire 4 hour period.


  • Thanks for looking after the place for us, John!!
  • The upgrade is complete. Everything looks to be working OK. I will be watching it.

    If you experience any problems feel free to email me directly or respond to this thread.

    You'll notice the look has changed slightly and some of the features have moved around. Additionally, I should point out a couple key points:
    • I took this opportunity to change the user registration process to collect less personal information (and also display less for registered users).
    • Forum time stamp problems that required a hack are no longer an issue. Forum time based upon the time zone configured in your user profile appears at the bottom right of each page.
    As always, thanks for using the forums.
  • Sweet I like the new format much better! I am loving this quick post box lol

    Thanks John!
  • Ryan, thanks for the feedback. I'm glad to see people are posting OK and it seems to be business as usual. There are a lot of little changes to the system that should make it more usable. Quick post is one and I'm using it now to write this. I also think the Unanswered Threads will be useful for me.
  • Yes I noticed the unanswered threads after my post. Thats cool too.
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