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Please make sure your profile is up to date (primarily email address)

edited February 2010 in Forum News
I would like everyone to make sure their email address in their forum profile is up to date. You can view your current email address by clicking 'My Profile' in the upper right corner of this screen and then clicking 'Change My Email'.

The reason for this request is that I am considering changing the forum software to a different package. A change of that magnitude would invalidate everyone's password as the encoded form they are stored in is usually difficult to transfer from one package to another. In order to distribute new passwords and/or have everyone request a new password the process would involve use of email. Therefore, it is important that your email on file here is correct.

In researching a solution for the bogus user registration problem I have found that the current forum software does not seem to be actively supported by its developers. That concerns me mostly because of the inability to get patches for security problems that may be exploited with the software. Though the bogus registration problem is not that serious it is still a hole that I can't get patched.

As you might imagine, migrating the content from this forum to another one is not an insignificant effort. I have been working on it and, at this point, it seems possible but I am still weeks away from any such change.

Thanks for you continued support and I an constantly monitoring this forum to make sure nothing inappropriate gets posted and, if it does, that it gets removed ASAP.
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