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All-Ford Nationals 2011 - Carlisle, PA



  • Looks like a great turnout for the event...
  • I wish I was there!!!!! The only saving grace is that Twitter account I opened last year and never used. Now that I am liked to John I am getting some nice pictures of the going ons at Carlisle. Can not compare to being there but cool to see some of the cars. Looks like a great time!
  • I just posted my Carlisle summary here .

    Some of the photo highlights are also available .
  • Now that I finally made it home tonight (I stayed a few extra days with the family and visited some on the way home), let me say that it was great to catch up with many of you again this year! I hope I didn't leave too much drool on the Canary Yellow's! I must say again, this group sure is great! It's hard to believe that this only happens once a year because it seems like it was just yesterday that it was 2010. Anyone who didn't go and wish they had, mark your calender now for Ford Nationals 2012 from June 1-3! You will not regret it!

    A special thanks to Mike and John for keeping me company during the parade. It sure was a blast! Mike, "Get your hands up... ya you... get your hands up!" :)

    And for the record, I didn't sleep in my car on the way home John! :) LOL!
  • Really wish I was not 750 miles and 11 hours away,,,I would be there !! Glad all went well !
  • Ok, late reply here...but I just want to say it was fun! I made it saturday morning, met up with the club and had a great time. It was good to see the old acquaintances and meet new feature owners. Saturday evening was dinner, hotel and then it was a very enjoyable drive to NYC the next morning.

    Monday afternoon was the trip back to maryland. I was a bit weary of some clouds, but after having TWO toll attendants harras me about having the top up...I just couldnt help my self. I stopped right at the Maryland line, put the top down and snapped this pic:


    It was a great time guys!
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