Web site problems

edited November 2006 in Forum News
Sorry for the problems with the site lately. It seems that the service I use for Web hosting has had their share of problems lately. The last couple weeks have been rough with the amount of downtime this site has had. To make it worse, when this site is down, my email is usually out, too. Don't worry, this site is not going anywhere. If you find it is down please try back later.

I also want to comment on problems you might be having with the where are they? sections as well as the registration pages. Those pages may produce an error with a lot of text about what error occurred and where it occurred. Almost always this can be corrected by reloading the page with your refresh button.

The root of this is a problem with the database connection in some code I wrote that has been present for a few months. I am trying to get a fix done for it but it has been a struggle to get it done. The old computer I do my development on died about a month ago and I have been unable to successfully get the software I need running on my new computer. It seems like whatever I touch breaks. I will get it fixed, so for now, keep using refresh
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