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Which Cover

edited February 2013 in Feature Mustangs
Which car cover does everyone recommend? Car is outside under a car port. Any recommendations on fit?


  • I cannot recommend any actually, I have used a couple in the past with my classics and when the wind starts to blow and the covers would billow up and down I wound up getting marks in the paint on those cars. My cars don't enjoy a garage at all either and stay uncovered all the time, outdoors. Although I wish I had a garage it isn't financially feasible for me. If you only have a carport that is better than nothing, if you have a garage and a carport put the car you care the most about inside the garage.
  • I have two Covercraft covers. My first one was an outdoor cover made from their Evolution fabric. It is now 22 years old and I still use it on my triple white. I used it for a couple years outdoors when it was newer but for the last 11 years it has been used only indoors. It is still holding up very well. I wash it once a year and put it on the car only when I won't be driving it for an extended period - usually the winter months.

    Last year I purchased another cover which is an indoor only cover. Both are custom fit which doesn't eliminate the aforementioned flapping in the wind but does a lot better than a generic fit.
  • I have used a lot of car covers and have had luck with only one brand for outdoor use... Wolf. When I was in NH, I had 7 cars sitting outside with car covers. Two of them had Wolf covers and those were the only two that didn't come off once in any storm. Just because of that, we spent the few hundred dollars each and purchased three more. They are nothing short of real snug on the car. To get them on and off the car, I actually had to roll them around the side view mirrors. They are expensive, but they are worth it!

    If you are looking for a cheap, temporary solution, I did take one $30-$40 car cover once and after it ripped, I put holes all around the bottom and used bungee cords to hold it to the car. It was a parts car, so I really didn't care how often it fell off, but it didn't blow off the rest of winter after that. If you don't want to spend the change for a good one, this is also another possibility.

    Also keep in mind, I didn't have a car port and I lived in a snow belt. It was nothing for us to only have a car cover last a year or two. Covercraft is one brand I haven't used.
  • I think wolf covers and covercraft are the same???
  • That very well may be. I know Wolf-branded car covers are owned and manufactured by another company but aren't branded with the "real" manufactures name. I wouldn't be shocked if it was Covercraft. All the car covers I have just have the "Wolf" logo on them.
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