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Revisiting the "Maple Grove" feature cars

It was back in 2008 when I first learned about a group of triple white feature cars that were displayed at the Ninth Annual Ford Motorsport Nationals held in Maple Grove, PA on June 26 & 27th, 1993. The details of these cars has since been somewhat of a mystery to me. At the time I learned of them, I posted about it in the blog including some screen captures from a VHS recording. It was pretty cool to see the rows of triple whites but the grainy screen caps seem like they were from some ancient, far away place.


At the Maple Grove event, each car was identified with a decal on the fender. The decals were placed directly above the 5.0. The cars, which numbered above 50, were sold after that event. It's possible that many exist today both with and without their fender decals.

This event was not the first time something like this was done. We know from the Mustang Special Editions book by Brad Bowling that in 1987 there was a similar display of cars.

I've never really known too much more about these cars and have rarely seen them for sale (auction history: 162663). But, as time moves on, I learn a little more.

Last fall, my buddy Tom purchased one and has helped me learn more about them. He shared with me that the "cars that were sent there were ordered from the Philadelphia Ford District Offices and were sent via rail directly to Maple Grove Raceway. After the Motorsport Nationals, the cars were assigned to dealers in the Philadelphia Ford District for sale."

He has also provided more clues useful for identifying them. First off, his car has two window stickers.


One seems pretty ordinary but the second identifies the SHIP TO as Maple Grove Raceway. It also contains a different SOLD TO from the other, ordinary sticker. This SOLD TO is not a Ford dealer as unsual seen but is "Ford Motor Co. New Dlr Appoint."


The second cool bit of information is the Marti Report for the car. It identifies the ORDER TYPE as LOCAL PROMOTION. Also of note is that the dealer listed is the same as that on the ordinary window sticker.


Maybe some owners have one of these cars and don't even know it. A good place to start identification is with the build date. Most likely, they were all built in April 1993. Also look for the Philadelphia DSO and, if the car doesn't already have a Marti report, get one. It might lead to learning something cool about the car.


  • That is some very interesting info...really neat story on these extra special cars..thanks for sharing
  • Very cool. Another promotional deal between Ford, the raceway and local dealerships.
  • Ford also had the Motorsport Special Edition's at the 1985 Maple Grove Nationals. There is at least 1 picture in the Fox Recognition Guide of these cars all lined up. I believe these cars were all white as well, with some having the optional tu-tone lower charcoal gray paint. According to the Brad Bowling book "Mustang: Special Edtions", the 1987 Motorsport Nationals consisted of red, white and blue GT's. The 1985 and 1987 Special Editions had the decal above the front fender molding and the 1993 had the decal above the 5.0 emblem.
  • Very cool!! thanks for sharing!!
  • Oh wait! I have seen one before.. last year at Hoffman Fordland Show there was one and I think its in the Carlisle special edition display this year. I had wanted to ask the guy last year about it but never had a chance.

    Congrats Tom! I look forward to seeing your new car!!
  • Here is a picture of the car from the Hoffman show Amy. I hope to see this one at Carlisle. See you at the 50th Amy.
    1024 x 768 - 113K
  • Thanks Tom!! Yes, that is the one I was thinking of. Yes see you next week Tom!! I am so excited.
  • Great read!!! I forgot I shared those grainy VHS video screen shots. Funny, I remember I actually rented that camcorder from my local video store (remember those?!?!). This was 1993 and I was a poor college graduate but wanted to take video of my 89 GT vert and my brothers 86 GT racing at the nationals. We ended up just racing the test and tune the Friday night because we couldn't afford the entry fees for the big race. Also we knew we were rookies and would be out first round anyway!!

    I'll try and dig up those videos again. I just hope the VCR that has been in a closet the last 6 years still works! I also think the 93 Cobra was just starting to make its first appearance there. I can't remember if they were in customers hands at that point but I remember seeing them.

    Regardless, it's pretty cool to know I was in the middle of some amazing Mustangs back then. They also had some red and also blue Ranger "Splash" pick up trucks and I believe they also had the sticker. You can see a blue one in one of the photos in the back. If anyone is a Splash fan, they also were part of the show.

    Again, great read! Thanks for bringing back up and getting those memories started again!
  • Ken, thanks for checking in and sharing a little more about your experience. I'm sure I and others would love to see more of that video.
  • I know this isn't a mustang question (i do own a 68 convertable) but I have a 1986 Ford Ranger with the Maple Grove Ford Motorsports Sticker on the front fenders. I've tried a couple years ago to find out info. on these vehicles. Do you have any more info? Thanks!
  • Hi, unfortunately, I don't have any information on the Rangers.
  • Try about the 1986 Ranger with the Maple Grove sticker on it. They have a general BS section. Lots of late 70's to mid 80's Ford knowledge over there. Sounds cool.
  • Many thanks for the quick replies. I'll give the website a try.
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