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Reproduction BUCK TAG

Good day all I have 2 questions first is a reproduction Buck tag who makes them and second is there anyone will to part with their original 1992 spark plug wires that are date coded for 1992 feature car as my car is a 6/92 build.


  • Sorry, I know of no sources for buck tags. I hope you find some wires! It's not unheard of for a set of NOS to be out there. Keep looking. You might also check with The guy who owns it has a lot of experience in finding parts.
  • Maybe try ECS for the buck tag....I'd call them...
  • You could take some trips to local wrecking yards for the plug wires too. Look on the 1992 F-Series trucks and 1992 E-Series vans, they still had 5.0s in those with the standard distributors. I have seen older wires that on vehicles in wrecking yards.
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