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Local promotion dso needing more info ?! Please help

My 93 yellow feature was a promotion through a local racetrack around here in the Chicagoland area... The previous owner gave me the story on the car but I'm not sure if it's what he said or what the full story. Supposedly it's a special giveaway car through one dealt but sold to another. Any thoughts on how to track the information down ? Thanks


  • Have you requested your Marti report?

    For the Maple Grove cars, the order type was "Local Promotion". I guess it depends on how it was ordered if that would be true for yours. It would also show the dealer.

    There may have been local promotion in the newspaper. When I was researching Maple Grove, I used to find articles from that era in the Reading Eagle. I did find articles on the show but no mention of the feature cars. I think I got lucky that they had the local newspaper to that area. That might not be true for your area.
  • I found this posted over at from an owner in was located under the owner list section....

    "i have done some research on it and found it to be one of the rarer of the limited productions. it was supposed to be in the 1993 indy 500 as a parade car but ford recalled all parades(9) off the showroom floors because of their new body style...."

    The owner's name is listed along with city and state. Maybe try to contact this individual.
  • Thanks I'll try to look for it. I tried posting this on the yellow registry site but since I recently signed up it won't let me post anything I've even emailed to contact several times so I don't know if I can do anything on it. Would you possibly be able to send me the link or information to contact him thanks
  • My window sticker does say local promotion that's why I'm trying to figure out the details on it! Supposedly it was a giveaway car or something a long those lines here in Illinois
  • I believe a grocery store chain called "Farmer Jacks" had a 1993 yellow giveaway. I vaguely remember this coming up in discussion in the past at Carlisle.
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