Introduction to Ford Mustang Data Decoding

As of this update, Ford Mustang Data Decoding is a project that is still in progress. The current goal is to create a database of all mustang VIN and Vehicle Certification Label codes used from the model year 1987 to present.

Obviously, this is a major undertaking that has involved pulling information from many sources. These sources include books and magazines as well as Ford Service publications. Unfortunately, no one of these sources is 100% correct. And, there are often discrepancies and conflicts. Much of the work has been in gathering the information but an equal amount of effort has been applied to testing the database of codes against real world examples. Still, errors, gaps and uncertainties remain.

Access from mobile devices

Each decoder will have a simplied version that is more usable on mobile devices. The argument for such an application is that if you are out looking at a Mustang to buy where you have direct access to the VIN and VCL you might want to run the numbers right while looking at the car and making a purchase decision. This might prevent a situation where you are looking for an all original car but something has been changed (like the transmission) that would only be otherwise detectable if you can decode the VCL. In this situation you might only have your mobile device/phone.

The simplified interface of the mobile-friendly decoder makes this a much more acheivable task. Advanced phones might be able to render the full site just fine but older devices can still benefit from the simpler mobile interface offerred.

Reporting errors and codes not found

Your help is welcome and will be required to make this project a success. If you spot any error or find you have a code that is not listed please contact me. If you could include a picture of your VCL that would be great but it is not required. I will not post a copy of it. If you have an unusual instance I might want to include it with my examples but will only do so with your permission.

Future directions

If things go well I will consider expanding the model years to earlier going as far back as 1979. I have no plans to do anything earlier becuase of my own personal interests being with the so called "late model" cars and the availability of sources of information being from my own personal library which is relative to my own interests. Also, data decoding for the classics seems to be well done by others.