Relaunch of TWF Shop

After the site redesign launched last month, the next task was to get back into some merchandise offerings. We haven't had club stickers since we ran out in 2019! I didn't just want to reorder more of the same design. The old sticker design was really busy. I also wanted to reconsider the vendor used to print them.

Now, all that work is finally done. There's a new design for the sticker and they are back in stock here on the site. The hang tags are back as well.

And, I've moved on from Cafepress for other types of printed merchandise. I've moved over to TeeSpring. It seems good so far. I've ordered a bunch of samples and they have all come out pretty nice. So, please check out my store there. There is a new retro 32-bit fox Mustang design that I'm really excited about.

If you have any other ideas or other things you'd like to see, I'd love to hear about those.

Club sticker and hang tag

Other printed merchandise (off site)