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I have posted several items over the last month or so on the general topic of documentation on your car (build sheets, My Ford and window stickers) and a number of people have sent me emails in response with relevant details with the intent that I would share them.

I have already updated the post on My Ford and originating dealership information but I also have more information on window stickers as well as on build sheets. I’ll start here with the build sheets and save window stickers for a little later.

Kevin, who I happen to know from this site, but who also lives in my area and attends some of the same car shows as I, has a triple white that is probably the closest “sister” to my car that I will ever see. His has nearly the same options (with the exception of the stereo) and was built only two days after mine.

Kevin requested his build sheet shortly after I posted here about mine. What surprised him was that it had a number of differences from mine; too many to be explained by the minor differences in our car. So Kevin, figuring there must be some sort of human decision making behind the generation of the sheet, requested a second copy of his for comparison. His second copy came and there are indeed a number of differences.

(click on the image for a larger view)

Build sheet comparison

Those are indeed from the same car! It is quite surprising, actually. Apparently, Kevin’s theory is correct and it seems like the person generating the build sheet makes some decisions themselves when decoding the options for the car. If they are picking from a menu of choices it remains unknown whether there is an option for “Feature Car” similar to what appeared on the original window stickers.

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