1992 Feature Mustang Overview

The options that make this car unique are as follows:

  • Vibrant Red Paint. No other 1992 Mustang was offerred in this color.
  • The mirrors are body color compared to black on the non-feature car
  • The moldings on the top of the doors (called the upper door belt molding) are body color instead of black
  • The moldings along the top of the rear quarter panel (called the quarter panel outer belt upper molding) are body color
  • The trim around the front windshield is body color
  • Rear spoiler (referred to as a Sports Rear Wing) in place of the standard luggage rack.
  • White leather interior with white seats with black piping, white door panels. Black carpeting and black dash treatment.

  • Black headliner (the first ever offered on Mustang convertible)
  • White 5-spoke 16 inch wheels. These wheels were prepared by Superior Wheel Company of Kansas. Opal pearlescent (opalescent) paint was baked on over the silver finish for a white appearance.
  • The manufacturers suggested retail price for the feature convertible option was $850.

More Pictures:

1992 Mustang Feature Car 1992 Mustang Feature Car