1993 Feature Mustang Introduction

The 1993 Feature Mustang offered some unique options. They were all cosmetic in nature. Performance was the same as the standard 1993 Mustang LX 5.0L. If you want to view the standard features and factory options, go here.

Here is some information on the options that defined this 'feature' car.

  • Vibrant White or Canary Yellow 'monochromatic' exterior
  • White or black leather interior. The White interior is different from standard White interiors in that it is entirely white and black. Other white interiors were actually white/opal grey or white/red. See below for a visual comparison.
  • White convertible top on white cars; white or black top on yellow cars (top color matches interior color).
  • Rear spoiler in place of the standard luggage rack.
  • White or Chrome 16" 5 spoke 'pony' wheels. White wheels on white cars; chrome wheels on yellow cars. More information on the white wheels appears in the FAQ.
  • The manufacturers suggested retail price for the White feature convertible option was $976 making the suggested retail price $21, 709. The price for the Yellow package was $1,488 (which was higher due to the chrome wheels) making the suggested retail price $22,221. (1)
  • Floor mats with running horse emblem (this is the passengers from a white car). The yellow cars have a yellow-colored horse.
  • Headrests with embroidered running horse emblem

The 'monochromatic' exterior was defined as follows:

  • The mirrors are body color compared to black on the non-feature car
  • The cowl vent grille is body color instead of black
  • The moldings on the top of the doors (called the upper door belt molding) are body color instead of black
  • The moldings along the top of the rear quarter panel (called the quarter panel outer belt upper molding) are body color
  • The trim around the front windshield is body color

My car has a black boot which I was pretty sure was not original. Since, I have heard from original owners with cars that came with white boots AND from original owners with cars that came with black boots. That make sense since everything else on my car seems original. Although, white seems to be more popular than black.

More photos of my car are available.

Comparison between a Feature white LX 5.0 convertible and a standard white LX 5.0 convertible.

Please note: this is based only on my experience and although I never seen anything to disprove this information I have no way to prove it is accurate.


The interior of this Feature White convertible is entirely white and black.

The interior of a non-feature white LX 5.0L convertible is either White/Opal Grey or White/Ruby Red. This example is White/Opal Grey. Note the grey dash pad and center console. Also, the carpet is grey as well as the map pockets.


The exterior of this White Feature Mustang has the additional body-colored trim described above. The black boot is incorrect.

The exterior of this non-Feature Mustang LX 5.0 convertible has the standard black trim, luggage rack and silver wheels.

Please note: I did not take the photographs of the standard white LX 5.0L convertible but I do apologize for the fuzziness. If you have better pictures please send them along.