Mustang 50th merchandise

As many of you know from reading the forums, I applied for and received the Mustang 50th Celebration Kit made available by Ford to qualifying Mustang clubs and Ford dealers. It included several items in bulk intended to be shared with club members. Well, let the sharing begin. I am making available a couple of the items for a nominal fee. I had to pay $200 in shipping and handling fees to get these items and I hope to just recover that money because it is needed to keep the site running. In addition to what is listed, I also have posters which I would like to offer as well. I just need to find a source for tubes to ship the 24" x 36" posters.

As I'm not running a full-fledged store here, I did my best to configure the shipping costs. So, if things get wierd when you are ordering (especially with multiple items) feel free to contact me for a manual shipping quote. There was only so much I could do relative to combined shipping on items.

I have also recommended some quantity limits on the items just to keep it fair and to allow an order to fit in one envelope.

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