Disguise your air silencer removal

One of the things that I look for when I see a fox Mustang that's claimed to be "all stock" and/or "original" is the air silencer. It's just one of the many little OCD things that plague me. While you're still able to detect that it is missing, here's a nice little trick to disguise the most obvious sign that you have removed it - the hole that the removal leaves behind.

You can get a bolt to go back through the inner fender and mount the screw on it. No one but the most detail-oriented car show fanatic will notice that something is awry. The bolt used here was found at Loews. The attached image has the details on what it looks like and the size information.

The trick is to get the bolt through the hole and the nut threaded into it. But, if youve' taken out the air silencer you know about patience. And, by the way, if you think it's tricky to get the air silencer out think about getting it back in.

Thanks to noac for providing this tip.