Selling some Mustang parts

Over the years I’ve accumulated a bunch of Mustang-related “stuff”. I finally have decided to liquidate some of it. That’s a good thing because I might have a problem. For example, I have a piece of literature for the 1993 Mustang Cobra. In researching what it was worth so that I could sell it, I saw the identical one on ebay. I almost bought that one because it seemed like a good deal. Got that? I already have one that I don’t want and I almost bought another.

I sometimes wonder why I have these things that just sit in boxes in my basement. I don’t enjoy them. So, the time has come to finally reduce what I have, cash out and use the money for something else. I’ve started to post some things. They will trickle out slowly. Some are feature car parts but many are not. Take a look and help me clean out my basement.

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